Karnali province chief calls for massive modernization in sports structures


Karnali province chief Tilak Pariyar has stressed the need for massive modernization of the sports infrastructures in the province.

Addressing the first-anniversary function of Karnali Province Sports Development Council in Birendranagar, Surkhet, today, the province chief said the construction of modern sports infrastructures would help in the production of promising sportspersons thereby contributing to the development of the country’s sports sector.

“The successful players are disciplined, civilized, healthy, and have a high sense of morality. The production of such players takes the society towards the path of civilization,” he said, adding that the sports sector had a big role in enhancing the national identity in the international arena.

He said the provincial government has already started the construction of the Karnali Province Stadium, a province pride project, to that connection. On the occasion, the province chief also extended best wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity, and continued progress of all the Nepalis including the Gurung community on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar Festival.

Tamu Lhosar is the New Year festival of the Gurung community. Chief Secretary of the provincial government Raj Kumar Shrestha said the provincial government has started construction of the modern stadium with a seating capacity of 10,000 for the development of the sports sector and production of best players in Karnali province.

Council’s member-secretary Bishwamitra Sanjyal said that they have started the construction of the stadium with an international-standard covered hall with the objective of hosting the 10th National Games in Karnali. He said the project would be completed in 30 months.


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