How To Schedule Messages On WhatsApp With SKEDit App Tips And Trick



How to schedule messages on WhatsApp: The instant messaging app WhatsApp is being used for both personal and professional purposes. You also fix the meeting through this and also wish the birthday. Although many times due to the busyness of life, we forget to message at the right time. We are telling a WhatsApp trick through which you will never make this mistake again.

Through a trick of WhatsApp, you can also schedule your message on this messaging app. However, no official feature was given for this on WhatsApp. For this, you have to resort to a third party app in your Android phone. One such app is SKEDit, which is available on Google Play Store. Let’s know how to use it:

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How to setup third party app
1. After downloading the SKEDit app from the Play Store, create your account on it.
2. After login, tap on Whatsapp given in the main menu.
3. After this you have to give permission.
4. Tap on Enable Accessibility for this.
5. By doing this the settings will open. Here tap on Installed Services and then tap on SKEDit to turn it on.
6. After this another pop-up will come, allow it.

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Schedule message like this on Whatsapp
1. After making the above mentioned settings, a screen will open in front of you from where you will be able to schedule the message
2. For this, you have to enter the name of the person to whom the message is to be sent. Then you have to write the message below. After that select the time and date.
3. At the very last you will see the option of Ask me before sending. Toggle it off > tap on the tick icon > and your message will now be scheduled.
4. You’ll get a notification on your phone whenever the day and time of your scheduled message arrives. If you tap on Send, the scheduled message will be gone.




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