How To Do Bitcoin Mining, Twitter Ex Ceo Jack Dorsey Will Provide Open Bitcoin Mining System To Everyone



Bitcoin: If you are a supporter of Bitcoin and are thinking of making money in it, then this news is important for you. Very soon you can easily earn money by doing bitcoin mining sitting at home. Actually, Jack Dorsey has started trying to make this possible. Jack has been the former CEO of Twitter and is now working on bitcoin mining. According to the report, payment company Block Inc. Making a system for bitcoin mining. The CEO of this company is Jack Dorsey. Let us tell you in detail what is the whole matter, how will this system of the company work.

Preparation to add more and more people to mining

According to the report, Block Inc. The company’s hardware general manager Thomas Templeton says that his company does not want to limit bitcoin mining to a few hands. We want to make its mining effective by making it accessible to as many people as possible. This process also includes its mining, its setup and its buying and selling. He sees mining as a long term need of the future and stresses on it being decentralized and permissionless.

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Jack Dorsey also confirmed by tweeting

Its CEO Jack Dorsey himself has also confirmed by tweeting about this new initiative of the company. He has said in his tweet that we will do mining in an open way with the community. Our team will also try to remove problems like power consumption, access to mining equipment and noise caused by it.

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what is block company

Let us tell you that Block Inc. It was once also known as Square. This company provides a platform for users to buy and sell bitcoin with the help of Cash App. This company is also working on a physical bitcoin wallet.




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