High score increase in NPSE Today


The Nepse index, which measures stock trading in the stock market, has risen by a higher number today. After a long holiday, the Nepse index has risen by 60.41 points to 2,584.91 in the open market today.

The Sensitive Index, which measures the trading volume of large companies, rose by 10.77 points to 482.01. Out of the total 240 companies traded, shares of 192 companies rose while shares of 32 companies declined and shares of 12 companies remained unchanged. A total of 7,160,983 shares were traded at a price of Rs. 4,126,980,067. According to Nepse, shares of all subgroups except collective investment funds rose today.

Himalayan Distillery tops the list in terms of turnover today. The company had a turnover of Rs. 449.42 million. Nabil Bank with a turnover of Rs. Succeeded in falling.

According to Nepse, Himalayan Distillery gained 9.99 percent, Madhyabhotekoshi Hydropower Company 9.97 percent, Surya Life Insurance 9.29 percent, Corporate Development Bank 7.70 percent, and Kisan Microfinance 7.38 percent. Investors in Gurkhaj Finance 512, Nabil Equity Fund 3.68, Manjushree Finance 3.09, Nabil Debenture 2.91, and Divyashwori Hydropower lost 2.12 percent. After Sunday’s trading, the market capitalization has reached Rs. 3651.34 billion.


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